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John William Waterhouse : “Lamia” (1905)

Museum Quality Giclée on Fine Art Paper

  • Matte Finish does not pick up glare from interior lighting
  • Smooth Surface maximizes sharpness and preserves detail
  • Accent Borders display the artwork uncropped and ready to mat
  • In-house Printing assures artistic quality standards

In Keats’s narrative poem Lamia, a half-serpent phantom appears to a young Corinthian charioteer, named Lycius, in the form of an ethereal maiden. Their romance takes place in seclusion until Lycius resolves that they should marry. The plot unravels at the wedding feast, where Lycius’s mentor, the sage Apollonius, recognizes her as a monster who feeds upon the flesh of young men. Exposed to his scrutiny, Lamia’s glamour fades and she melts into a shade, for “Do not all charms fly / At the mere touch of cold philosophy?”

For Keats, logic and reason serve to dispel romantic illusions; in this case, a new couple’s infatuation. Waterhouse’s painting depicts the moment of Lamia and Lycius’s first meeting, when her spell is in full effect and the stricken young knight, begging Lamia to remain, addresses her as “Goddess,” “Pleiad,” and “Naiad of the rivers.” The only indication of Lamia’s true nature is the beautiful snakeskin garment that hangs loosely from her shoulders. If their love is an illusion, Waterhouse invites to us to consider whether that illusion may, nonetheless, be worthy of our admiration.

Product Information

Expect crisp detail and vivid color from our giclée process fine art prints. We use archival pigment inks on cotton fiber paper to achieve a wide color gamut, deep blacks and beautiful tonal transitions. Unlike posters, they will not fade or yellow, but maintain their original quality for as long as you own them.

How to Frame

Historical artworks were produced in whatever shapes and sizes best suited the artists and their patrons, and these rarely correspond to the proportions of modern, mass-produced frames. Most reproductions sold on the web are cropped to an arbitrary standard, compromising the integrity of the original artwork. We solve this by using accent borders to make up any differences in proportion.

Framing may be as simple as inserting the print into a standard size frame with the borders showing. In many cases, our customers choose to have them matted. Borders allow space for framers to mount the print while covering little, if any, of the artwork. Our images are sized to provide desirable mat widths in common frames.

Sizes 9” x 12”, 12” x 16”, and 16” x 20” are designed to be matted in larger frames, such as 11” x 14”, 16” x 20” and 20” x 24”, respectively. Larger prints may be matted in frames of equal size, the borders corresponding to the shape of the mat. Where the artwork is unusually square or narrow, other sizes may be preferred.

If our sizing does not meet your requirements, we provide customization free of charge. Please contact us to discuss the details.

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