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Rembrandt van Rijn : “Lucretia” (1664)

Archival Inkjet on Matte Finish Fine Art Paper

The Ibis’s giclée process uses archival pigment inks on 100% cotton rag paper to achieve crisp detail and rich, lasting color. Unlike posters, they will not yellow with time, but will maintain their original quality for as long as you own them. If you are unhappy with your print for any reason, you are welcome to return it for a full refund.

Lucretia was the wife of a Roman war leader, forced to choose between submitting to rape or being murdered alongside the body of a naked slave. Rather than die with her honor besmirched, she chose to submit. Later, she confessed the events to her husband, and redeemed herself by committing suicide. Here Rembrandt captures her in the moment of psychological climax. Though she is a figure from antiquity, the artist chose to present her in contemporary garb, suggesting the universality of her experience. Some critics have drawn parallels between Lucretia’s story and that of Rembrandt’s own public ostracism. His model for Lucretia was Hendrickje Stoffels, his common law wife, who had died in 1663. For living in sin with the artist, she had been condemned before a church council and banned from receiving communion.

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